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Fees here, fees there
Everywhere a fee!
A fee for a vaccine; I might as well get sick.
A fee for food; I might as well starve to death.
A fee for bus rides; well let’s quit studying.

When did the land of freedom become the land of feedoms?
Next there'll be a fee on voting and a fee on drinking water.
And all those stores you can get in for free; might as well charge an admittance fee.
And with so many babies popping into existence; sex might as well be charged a fee as well.
Next thing you know the promise that you can be happy will cost you a fee.  

But you ask; with the taxes you pay something must be free?
Well yes. Your politicians can live like kings for free!
That factory next to your house can dump toxic waste down the river you have for free!
And you pay a fee just to drink that toxic water too.
And of course you get to breathe polluted air for free!
You can also get shot for free with a bullet.
There are so many things that a free; why be bothered by fees and taxes on your life?!
Just don't plan on dying, that for free, but your family gets to pay a hefty fee.


Ivan Pineda
The sun skims upon the long drapes
An alarm blares six aaaa.mmmm.  In red block letters
The sink whooshes out water and clank closes
The toilet wails and twirls in water in splish-splashing   
Children wake up screaming and laughing
Drip-drip-drop, drip-drip-drop, drip-drip-drop
Goes the coffee machine
Vroom, vroom, ieer the cars moves on
The washing machine  
Engages in a tango and a mambo with soap, water, and clothes
Click the TV turns on
Drat the stove is on
Clank all the post go as she cooks rice, beans, or chicken
The day moves on with a thunderous house

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