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It was a hot day unlike any other summer day. The sun was like a cat clawing the sky in the summer evening as if it were a curtain.

It was a hot summer day and the dark sidewalk was melting away as a slow weak breeze blew across the land.

All of the creatures under heaven's doom were dying from the heat of the day. Yes; all of the creatures under heaven's doom were dying from the heat of the day, save for two creatures.

They are two creatures who under Helios’s pitiful kingdom; his eyes burning through the land every soul that inhabits the land of the cruel summer.

Helios’s eyes burned through everything except for a passionate love that hid behind a window.
Behind that window a different god had managed to burn the bodies that are inside the room that it must belong too. Eros has burned a golden arrow through two men.

Eros himself watches these hunks he touched with his arrow.

He saw as they both walked in the morning

He saw as the both made eye contact

He saw how they both felt

And he gave them an extra push

He shot his golden arrow at a shy blonde
Who looked at a brown haired man with boyish features and a masculine display for his body

Both having the same boyish ways and masculine body
And in shock and hot

Started to question a million thoughts

And broke with a cold icy mood

And burned through it

And fell in love.

They walked home
To the house of the blonde
And jerked
Erections showing through their pants
Hot bulges for minds to imagine

One of them unbuttoned his button
On his pants and unzipped his fly on
His pants to be left standing in a muscle shirt
And black boxers

The other followed too
And he was left standing in red boxers
And he was in his muscle shirt too.

Next came of the shirts

And they followed into an act
Fit for a king to live

Eros watching all the while
Sending good vibes to the boys
As they walked into the world of love

They touched their abbs
And kissed each other’s biceps
And necks

They tongued each other
And stoked their backs
And touched their groins

All while outside the window Helios’s marched with rage
And Eros watched with intent to make a good job happen

By the time Helios’s time as king was coming to a close
The world outside the window was like a lake
Full of dead fish floating about
Trying to regain some life
And they would
Just to face another day with Helios’s as their evil king

But inside the house with the window
Both men felt like ice cream on the black hot pavement
Sweltering away an encounter they hoped to enjoy again the next day

After licking and pushing
And kissing. They wish to do the same again

And Eros knows he’s done his job very fine

For Eros is the passionate god of love
That led onto ways unknown to us
Like a drop of rain can cure a grain of rice
From a certain death
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September 14, 2013
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