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What can intoxicate the brain faster than a gulp of beer?
And make the soul sink to the deepest abyss in the ocean?
What would I give to live in a different version of reality?
One in which you and I are in each other’s arms –kissing and loving
Kissing and loving our hours away
Wasting our hours away every second
Wasting every second of the night in the company of the long and dreadful night
But instead I miss you as the cold and dreadful night devours my dreams
I miss you as my thoughts take ride on a train that run into a wall of misery
I miss you as you; yet I know you might not even thing of me, let alone miss me
I’d wait upon a dock; only if I knew the truth.
If knew that you miss me too and want to put an end to darkness of the night
But it might be in the darkness of the night
That you make love to her and not me; and she consumes me with the coldness
And takes my heart away; beat after beat
She won’t let me go
Because it is you; who can intoxicate my brain faster than a gulp of beer, make my heart stop beating, and make my eyes dilate as you smile and kill me with a one glance of those deep blue eyes.
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Submitted on
October 26, 2013


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